Fractures & Outlines
Ripping out of Gatineau, Canada, Fractures & Outlines are...
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Location : Canada, Gatineau
Bio : Ripping out of Gatineau, Canada, Fractures & Outlines are a post hardcore band with influences ranging from Silverstein, No Use For A Name and Killswitch Engage. The band came together in 2014 and work tirelessly planting their feet in the local underground music scene. Intrepidly, they created their first EP ‘Checkmate’ in 2017, which was met with solid acclaim from various publications. As a team, the band work on each song together crafting heavy hooks, catchy choruses and brutal breakdowns with lyrical themes about internal struggle and having to fight your own demons. Working to further develop a sound that is their own, they hit the studio in 2018 to start work on their 10 track full length ‘Defenseless’, which will be revealed on May 17, 2019.
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