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With JustGotLoud, you are in total control of your music. You pick what songs are for sale and for what price. You can also pick songs to stream, download, if physical CD is for sale and so much more.

Customize your JustGotLoud page with band photos, album covers, logos and more. You also have the ability to spotlight music to give it more of a focus on playlists.


All bands get full real-time stats. The stats are a great tool for viewing popular songs, who bought your music and more.

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Promote your music on the world's most popular music sites and keep fans engaged with simple email and social messaging.

Be Heard and Make Money

Using our digital sales platform, you will be able to sell digital tracks and full albums while keeping the highest percentage for yourselves.

Get Feedback

With our commenting system, you will get real time and unbiased feedback from newly posted songs.

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